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is a team of experienced and friendly professionals who are dedicated to care for your eye health using the most advanced eye care technology. We are committed to provide you, your family, and friends with excellent eye care by giving you the right pair of glasses and contact lenses. Come and visit us and we will be very happy to assist you.


Eyellusion vision Center is borne out of the desire to provide patients with eye problems with affordable yet great styles of right glasses that fit one’s lifestyle. To achieve this goal, our New York-based Center, is one of the few optical clinics in the area who have acquired the most advanced digital retinal camera that photographs your internal eyes for accurate diagnosis and documentation of ocular diseases. We offer full service optometric and optical practice to provide the best eye care in the city.

To perfect our service, aside from our retro collections, we also carry exclusive designer frames, contact lenses, and sunglasses. We have all kinds of lenses for patients who need special eye care like Digital Progressive lenses, Transitions, Polycarbonate lenses, polarized lenses, and 1.67 and 1.74 Hi-Index lenses. We are also licensed and equipped to examine and prescribe gas permeable lenses, also known as hard lenses, and all types of soft contact lenses.

Come and visit our optical clinic for consultations. Or, visit nostlgc.com and get your perfect pair of glasses from our wide retro and brand collections!


is a full service optometric/optical practice based in New York. We conduct eye examinations, diagnose, and treat eye diseases. Aside from our own retro frames collections, our Center carries exclusive designer frames, contact lenses and sunglasses.

Eyellusion Vision Center offers the following services

  • Comprehensive eye examination through modern Digital Retinal Camera that photographs internal human eyes
  • Digital Retinal Camera which photographs the internal eye
  • Dilation/diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
  • Contact lens fitting for both soft and Gas Permeable lens
  • Keratometry reading which is vital in evaluation and fitting of Gas Permeable lenses
  • A computerized Auto Refractometer to check the eye prescription as a part of out pre-test exam
  • A visual field exam to check any peripheral loss of
  • Glaucoma testing with the use of the latest air puff and fully automated Tonometer
  • We have the most advanced laboratory equipment on site to cut the lenses fast and with great accuracy
  • We are experts in Rimless/Frameless mounting

We carry all types of lenses to suit an individual needs like Digital Progressive lenses, Transitions, Lightweight lenses(Polycarbonate), Polarized lenses, 1.8 and 1.9 Hi-lite and High Index (Super thin) lenses. We are equipped to examine and prescribe Gas Permeable lenses (Hard lenses) and all type of Soft Contact lenses

Vision Guides and Tools

Eyeglass Guide

Eyeglass frames ultimately serve as the device that correctly positions your lenses in front of your eyes so that you can see better. Click the tool guide to help you understand the many types, benefits, functions and features available in today's lens product.

Face Shape Guide

What shape is your face? this is one question that is important to address in choosing the best frames that suits your face shape. We have created a guide for your frames selection so that it will be easier for you to choose the right frame.

Frame Shape Guide

Frames should complement one's personality and desired image, as well as their opthalmic requirements. There are many choices in life that will require educated decisions, or to trust one who's education and experience is in your field of need

We Accept Most Vision and Medical Insurance and Discount Plans

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